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Magic Casing Kit Setup Instructions
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For this tek you will need at least one casing kit, rubber gloves, magic mushroom grow kit, spores, and some patience. This tek is for novice growers who have mastered the jar teks and want to move on to more difficult projects. We are assuming you know basic teks by now.

1. Knock your grain jars up with about 2 cc's spores of your choice. Use proper sanitation methods. Place your jars in a water incubator at 86 degrees. After several days you should see this.

That's mycelium! Shake the grain jar up as much as you can and let sit in the incubator for another few days. You will want to repeat this process until the jar is completely colonized like this:

2. Prepare the casing soil - Place all of the casing soil into a microwave safe container and slowly mix enough water into the casing mix until it reaches field capacity*. 

*Field Capacity - If you take a handful of this mixture in your hand and squeeze it into a ball it will hold its shape but no water will drip out. We want the mixture moist but not saturated.

Cover and microwave for 5 minutes. Remove and stir vigorously then microwave again for 5 minutes. You may have to add some more water to get it back to field capacity. Stir again and let mixture cool. You have just sterilized your soil. Save any soil you do not use for later patch ups.

3. Prepare substrate - Take your colonized grain jars and open them up and carefully remove the grain by shaking or scooping out with a sterilized spoon or knife into a plastic zip lock bag. Once all of the grain is in the bag, break it up with your hands from the outside into marble sized pieces. 

4. Assemble casings - This is really easy. Wipe out your casing tray with alcohol soaked cotton ball.

Take the vermiculite that was provided and spread a 1/2 inch wet layer of vermiculite at the bottom of each casing tray. 

Now spread a 1 and 1/2 inch layer of your colonized substrate on top of that. Make sure to fill in all the gaps with colonized substrate into one smooth layer. 

Lastly spoon on 1 inch of your casing soil. DO NOT pack down the casing! Repeat the process for all your trays.

5. Grow Chamber - Cover your casing trays with a sheet of aluminum foil with several small holes poked in it and then into your water incubator at around 86 degrees  for three days for best results.

When three days are up, place trays in your white rabbit with no perlite. Set your timer to run 15-30 minute intervals every 3 hours and your heater to 79 degrees. This will provide the perfect environment, temp, and air exchange for your babies.

After a few days you will see this start to happen

You will need to patch up these spots of mycelium with more sterilized casing soil to even up your pin set and make an all around better flush.

Repeat this process until you see pinheads forming all over the surface of the casing instead of isolated spots. In a few more days you will have this.

More pictures are coming soon along with even more teks. Have fun!

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