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We offer a variety of mushroom growing kits that can produce lots of beautiful magic mushrooms. Choose USA or Canadian Kits below.

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Thank you for visiting us and we want to assure you that all will be done to get your mushroom project going more efficiently and affectively. We take pride in our customer service and speedy delivery, making sure that all of your precious packages arrive on time and in one piece. We encourage dialogue between the customer and the company but we must stress that you choose your words wisely. If you attempt to ask us any psilocybe cultivation info then we will not respond. If you are ordering substrate jars, make sure to plan your project around the scheduled delivery time of the jars, they will dry out.

WORLDWIDE Shipping! Mushroom Growing Kits below.
click here for NON USA Canadian kits

Here are some great magic mushroom grow kits that have become very popular with our site. If you are familiar with mycology then you should have no problems with these magic mushroom kits. They are the easiest on the web and will yield you several pounds of your favorite edible magic mushrooms.

After you purchase your kit you can visit SHROOM TALK growing forum or email us at for the instructions URL

Pick A Selection Below - Click to learn more and see pictures


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If you are located outside of Canada or the USA please
email us before ordering to get a full quote for shipping in your
country. Prices can be much more for overseas shipping,
depending on what kit your interested in.

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