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Growing magic mushrooms is easy to do from home if you have the right knowledge and equipment. But since your so amazingly lucky you have found the ultimate source for ALL your mycology needs.

First of all you need to assess your currently level of mushroom growing ability. Don't worry we have kits for ALL levels of expertise.

If you have never ever grown mushrooms before but have a large interest in how they grow then you should consider looking at one of our beginner kits.

Show Me ALL the
Mushroom Growing Systems

We take pride in our customer service and speedy delivery, making sure that all of your packages arrive on time and in one piece. Spore Syringe Collection


> We have the EASIEST to use systems ranging from spore kits and live mycelium kits. show me

> GUARANTEED! to arrive safely with insured shipping from UPS with tracking info. Learn More

> PRIVACY secured billing! Only the name "paysystems" shows up on your credit card statement and ALL packages are in a plain white box.

> PROVEN mushroom growing systems for advanced and beginner mycologists, and yes we use PSILOCYBE spores.

> SUPPORT team that is always there to help you through any tough spots that may arise, we have email support & 24 hour online forum available.


All our USA mushroom growing systems
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