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We offer a variety of mushroom spores that come in 10cc and 20cc sterile syringes. All these strains are shippable ONLY in the USA

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Ok here is how it works... there is LOTS of spores to choose from so please use the side menu on your left to navigate from page to page within the spore pages. All spores are the same price, you can get either 1 syringe, 4 syringes, or 1 spore print.

The most popular magic mushroom spores are available here!
For Canadian & USA Shippable Spore Syringes visit:

or now available

If you have any questions any anytime please email us at CUSTOMER SUPPORT
and we will get back to you within 24 hours. You can also post your questions at this forum and get speedy replies. SHROOM TALK MUSHROOM FORUM

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